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Give Me the Words: A Bardic Rhapsody of Winter Feasts

“Give me the words, let them form. The stories that course through my mind, weaving like star-light knotted into pitchers, pouring out the Milky Way across the onyx sky…”

Eve of May

“Ne’er have I felt my heart race the way it does for hawthorn blooms, a tender breeze beneath warm sun….”

What If

“I would become a bard and sing of the beauty of the world…”

A Bard’s Prayer

“Let me weave with thread silver, star-lit, spider-spun, so my words may flow like a moon-kissed stream…”

An Island’s Daughter

“Who will remember an island’s son better than an island’s daughter?”

Bart the Bard

“’Deep in the mountains in a hidden cave is a sword. This sword gives unbelievable power, power not even I can begin to understand. It is being sought by my enemy, Marvin the Maligned. He mustn’t get it, Bart.’” (Rated: G)

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