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Fighting the Long Defeat

“Why do our stories march on before us? Those who remember them oft times ignore us…”

The Price of Friendship

“What price can be put on a friendship? None! Not the measured sum of life itself…”

The Proof of Love

“You’re driving yourself too hard, taut like a violin string about to snap…Know that I would bring you no pain…”

Shalott Revisited

“Could he not have shared that love with me instead of another?”

Love Is Not An Accident

“Love is not an accident of chemicals that crossed in space…”

Canticle to the Creator

A prayer that we will unfailingly perceive God in all His creation and see how He permeates our entire lives, and that, in response, we would be filled with His Spirit of worship.

The Flame of Autumn

“Be the flame of autumn in this changing, chilling world and in my trembling heart.”

Strong John of Waterloo

“He thinks of ale and cornbread, of Paradise and God — Is there a place in Heaven for those who till the sod?”

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