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Sven Stolpe: The Swedish Waugh

“A writer, journalist, hagiographer, playwright, cultural critic, and Catholic convert became well known in Sweden during large parts of the 20th century. The man was Sven Stolpe…”

The Pleasure of His Majesty: Kingship in the Works of the Inklings

“Their kings are neither the figureheads with which we are familiar in everyday life nor the all-powerful despots the modern mind conjures up…Rather, they are mythic figures of romance, images, like their prototypes of Arthur and Charlemagne, of Christ the King.”

Tolkien Speaks: The Secret to a Happy Marriage

“Throughout his life, Tolkien wrote love poems to his wife, and in his letters to friends, he writes glowingly about her…”

Lux Fulgebat Super Nos: a Tolkienian Blessing for Christmas

“As an undergraduate, J. R. R. Tolkien took in his hands an Old English religious poem…on the Advent, Ascension, and Last Judgment …”

Legends of the Lost: Catholic Adventure in Mark Adderley’s McCracken Series

Read Mark Adderley’s overview of how he came to write The McCracken Series and his understanding of Catholic Adventure.

A Thread in the Tangle: A Fantasy Author Crafts Legends

Fantasy author Sabrina Flynn speaks about her series,”Legends of Fyrsta” series, and how both mythology and painful personal experience led her to deal with dark themes in a way that still shows a persistent gleam of hope.

Tolkien and Lewis: The Last Sane Men Standing and Their Understanding of Fantasy

James Gill explores the Christian-based sub-creating methods used by J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis.

Philosophy, Evidence, and Faith: The Conversion of a Science Fiction Author

John C. Wright, science fiction novelist and author of “The Chronicles of Chaos”, tells the story of how philosophy, evidence, and faith led him to embrace Catholicism.

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