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The Story of Hyacinth

“For as long Rose could remember, her father always had her watering the hyacinths that stood in the kitchen window…”

Queen of Heaven

“Queen of heaven, show us the path we must follow…”

The Coming of the King

“Come, oh come, oh spotless Sacrifice; You have come to pay our heavy price…”

Snow Globes

“Turn their world upside-down, shake it up, and place the globe back down so the snow may begin anew, the glitter falling slowly through the watery sky…”

The Nine Muses

“Erato is the Muse of romantic poems and love, searching for the light that flows only from above…”

Morning Star

“‘Let your sorrows be turned to joy, for I am still your little Boy, and now you will rule by My side as Queen, for you are lovely and serene…'”

St. John’s Bonfire

Enjoy this fun summer story about a the Catholic tradition of St. John’s Bonfire.


“Oh yes, lovely Lady, we shall come to this grotto not far from home…”

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