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Philosophy, Evidence, and Faith: The Conversion of a Science Fiction Author

John C. Wright, science fiction novelist and author of “The Chronicles of Chaos”, tells the story of how philosophy, evidence, and faith led him to embrace Catholicism.

Stephen Fry’s “Mean-Minded” God: Christianity, Suffering, and the Story of Easter

In response to Stephen Fry’s remarks about a “capricious, mean-minded” God, LibDemBen outlines a Christian response in light of the story of Easter and a rather humorous online interaction with Peter Hitchens!

The Hitch in Readying to Meet…

Roughly separated in time by a century each, Sir James Boswell and Mr. GK Chesterton meet up in the hospital room of Christopher Hitchens, along with their various religious and cultural differences.

Throwing Away the Ladder: Seeking God Beyond Logic

        There’s an important little passage in Dostoevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov which has in it the seed of an important argument. The great thing about this book, however, is that it… Continue reading

Christianity Is As Relevant As Ever: A British Political Candidate Speaks About His Faith

When it comes to concern for the poor, compassion, and social justice, this political candidate believes-motivated by his personal conversion story-that Christianity is more than relevant to addressing and tackling these questions.

It Begins with Light: A Londoner’s Conversion to Catholicism

Read this personal testimony of enlightenment and conversion from a Anglo-Scottish Londoner who found his way home to the Catholic Church.

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