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The Death of General Wolfe: A Social Commentary on Art and Identity

“He responded that he was a French and Indian War reenactor, a devotee of British General James Wolfe…In fact, he said had just participated in a living tableau of Benjamin West’s iconic painting of Wolfe’s death.”


A Little Dancer: Edgar Degas and His Controversial Work of Art

“Her bony arms and legs are shaped by hard work and practice; her shoulders are straight and her stance is dignified. There is a look of what some would describe as haughtiness or defensiveness on her upturned face, and her eyes are closed…”

Telescoping Hope: The Role of Stories

“A story is a telescope, bringing the distance within arm’s reach…”

The Window of St. Mary’s

“Immediately his attention was caught by an enormous and beautifully worked stained glass window portraying the Blessed Virgin holding the Christ Child…”

The Sun Bows

“The sun bows, as paint vibrates across the canvas, creating a golden replication…”

Furious Fancies: The Musings of a Traditional Catholic Poet

Read these musings of traditional Catholic author, historian, and poet Charles A. Coulombe about the importance of art and poetry in changing the world for Christ.

What If

“I would become a bard and sing of the beauty of the world…”

Look Closer: Catholicity in the Entertainment Industry

In this article, the subject of Catholicity in art (and especially the entertainment industry) is explored, proposing that we must look closer in order to find the elements of truth still present in modern productions.