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Angels Among Us: A Survey of the Heavenly Host

“I can only speculate that those of us who have experienced the protection of our Guardian Angels are not yet needed in the afterlife, and that we are to continue with whatever we are called to do…”


Bright Beings

“Bright ones you are always with me…I see you every time I see the love in a child’s eyes…”

Birth of a Prince

“The child now is on its way, but where shall poor young mother lay?”

An Answered Longing

“‘Hail thou Full of Grace!’ With terror in his hand and hope upon his brow, the Messenger did stand…”

When Christmas Was Born: A Father’s Gift

“It was as simple and miraculous as a story could possibly be, and after more than 2000 years, it has not aged or grown too old for us to understand…”

Middle-Earth Factoids: 10 Things You Might Not Know about “The Lord of the Rings”

How was Middle-earth created? Which two prominent LOTR characters are actually related, thanks to Maian blood? Read to find out!

Flight of the Angels

“They rise up in tornadic flight unleashing scarlet firelight . . .”

God’s Humble Instrument

“She squeezed the rosary so hard her knuckles went white.. ‘It’s scary, Miss Laura,’ she whispered, ‘but . . . I just try to think about the angels…’” (Rated: PG)