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The Price of Friendship

“What price can be put on a friendship? None! Not the measured sum of life itself…”


I Am: The Divine Mystery of the Triduum

“I Am . . . The Thought before the Speaking, The Word before the Writing . . .”

Love Is Not An Accident

“Love is not an accident of chemicals that crossed in space…”

The Flame of Autumn

“Be the flame of autumn in this changing, chilling world and in my trembling heart.”


“I inhale blue by midnight. I exhale grey at dawn. Over arid lands, I sweep my silent arm.”

My Heart

“My heart, it flies, winging its way from land to skies…”

The Cave: Plato’s Fable and Christian Salvation

Hobbita examines Plato’s Myth of the Cave and, merging classical and Catholic philosophies, explains the parallels with Christian salvation.

Home: Song of the Water Faerie

“From water I was born to life; I rose through waves to joy and strife…”