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Cinderella’s Amazing Grace: An Exploration of the Christian Themes in This Classic Tale

Read this movie review of the 2015 live action feature film “Cinderella”, delving into the Christian elements of the classic tale.


The Privilege of Little Words and Mighty Swords: Death, Love, Mystery, and Myth

Read this scholarly article by Bradley J. Birzer on the interconnection of death, love, mystery, and myth viewed through a Christological lens as exemplified in the works of G.K. Chesterton and T.S. Eliot.

Narnian Eyes: A Sonnet Sequence

“Pray, explain to me then why my heart danced when I first heard His name? How I saw sorrow in His deep, golden eyes? How I can describe His thick, coarse mane?”

Empress of Eternity

“Her beauty surpasses even that of moon; an ethereal simplicity surrounds her like an aura of sweet perfume…”

On Adventure: A Letter to My Children

“You want to get your hands on the giant’s heart. You want to come home cradled in an eagle’s talons. You want to take a little coracle over the white wall of foam at the end of the world…Me too…”

Identity: What We Do Changes Who We Are

Dr. Peter Kreeft, prolific Catholic author and philosopher, honors us as our guest and delves into the subject of how identity is molded by our actions as shown in the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis.

The Battle of Turs

Meet young Jeanne di Arch, a female warrior for King Yeshua, daring to follow his call and her dreams to save her country with the power-hungry Eglesh and his hoard of troll warriors arrayed against her!

Regeneration of the Soul: The Liturgy and the Mystery of Resurrection

Our spiritual adoption is only by participation in Christ’s own life. The Resurrection, too, then must become ours. Christ’s Resurrection becomes our resurrection.