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The Soul of the Stars: Chapter 3 – Ladder to the Sky

“’I think my grandfather was very much like you, Mr. Spock. He thought logic was like a ladder to the sky. He climbed up, but ultimately he had to jump off, for it would take him no further…’”

The Soul of The Stars: Chapter 1 – The Small One

“Spock noticed something in her eyes. It was not just a little girl’s fear, but the kind of dread generated by a recent trauma, the kind that reads everything as an invitation to death…”

Aliens: Science Fiction or Reality?

Enjoy this cutting-edge article about the possibility of intelligent life on other planets, and how we as Christians would handle such a discovery.

The Extraterrestrial Plot, Part 2

Emerald’s exciting saga continues as heroine Ashley suspects the two teen reporters she’s working with know more about this extraterrestrial business than they’re letting on . . .

Doctor Calls and Dark Crystals: An Eclectic Film and Television Sampler

A list of films and television series that might not have made a big splash in the public consciousness, but showed special care in storytelling, character, or historical significance.

The Extraterrestrial Plot: Part 1

The mysterious saga continues as Ashley encounters a haunting green-eyed being in the woods, one who could possibly be an extraterrestrial…

The Extraterrestrial Plot: Prologue

An out-of-this-world tale involving high school news reporters, English riding and aliens . . .

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