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The Princess Bride: A Modern Classic

“A tale of high adventure, ‘Twue Love,’ excellent swordplay, and some great one-liners, The Princess Bride is a multi-generation family favorite…”

The Eyes of the Heart: A Movie Review of “Prince of Foxes”

Enjoy this review of classic swashbuckling adventure “Prince of Foxes”, which not only manages to tell a rousing adventure story but also convey a message about the role of beauty in conversion of life.

Keeper of Nimrah: An Author’s Literary Journey

Read this author’s overview by Shannon Lise, author of “Keeper of Nimrah”, a fantasy novel blending mythological elements from around the world and focusing on an unexpected journey.

Riding with the Hunt

“A lone whisper of a breeze blows past my ear: ‘You are one of us… Come and ride amongst our ranks…'”

The Soul of The Stars: Chapter 1 – The Small One

“Spock noticed something in her eyes. It was not just a little girl’s fear, but the kind of dread generated by a recent trauma, the kind that reads everything as an invitation to death…”

On Adventure: A Letter to My Children

“You want to get your hands on the giant’s heart. You want to come home cradled in an eagle’s talons. You want to take a little coracle over the white wall of foam at the end of the world…Me too…”

The Elf and the Orc: Part 4

           She did not expect him to stop. If anything, she thought Morfang would just leave her to fend for herself.      They had been walking together for two weeks. During that… Continue reading

Tales from the Tavern: The Thief of Melnisgarten

“The ancient man sitting by the blazing fire cradled a tankard of ale between his long, thin fingers…’Aye, so you want me to tell you a story then?'” (Rating: PG)

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