As a Catholic literary magazine exploring the liberal arts from a spiritual perspective, The Fellowship of The King welcomes submissions covering a variety of styles, genres, and topics. We publish non-fiction essays, original fiction, fanfiction, poetry, and poetic prose, as well as original art work and photography. .

The following are some topics we would be particularly interested in receiving:

Religion (e.g. beliefs, devotions, traditions, theology, etc.)

Spirituality (e.g. spiritual traditions, meditations, philosophy, etc.)

Popular Fandoms (e.g. LotR, The Hunger Games, Narnia, Star Wars, Star Trek, etc.)

Folklore (e.g. myths, legends, fairytales, anecdotes, traditional cultural customs, etc.)

History (e.g. biographies, event analysis, historical fiction, etc.)

Literature (e.g. reviews and analysis of books, magazines, websites, etc.)

Media (e.g. reviews and analysis of motions pictures, TV series, video games. etc.)

Nature (e.g. nature poetry, contemplation, photography, etc.)

     Although we cannot offer monetary compensation at this time, we do offer free exposure and advertisement of your works as well as links to your other sites and/or published materials.


While we are a Catholic magazine, we do welcome submissions from Catholics and non-Catholics alike, and the themes clearly need not be religious in nature. That having been said, all works must be acceptable within the scope of the Catholic world-view, moral and otherwise, and any pieces containing material directly contrary to that will not be published.

Our readership base covers a broad span of age ranges, and we hope to keep the content of the site generally acceptable for family readership. While some stories may prove of a heavier nature than others and include intense story-lines/mature dialogue sections, explicit descriptions of sexuality, gratuitous violence, and excessive vulgarity are not permitted. Also, we do not accept slash.

The material should be kept within the range of G, PG, and PG-13 (at most). The authors should do their best to rate their writings prior to sending them in, and be specific about what part of the content required a heightened rating and the nature of that rating.

Formatting should preferably be single-space with Times Roman font, size 12. Make sure you include your real name, along with whatever desired alias you wish to use, beneath the title of the submission.

We are fairly open with regards to length, but most pieces run from about 2 to 8 pages. But really, it all depends on what type of piece is being submitted, as we’ve had some pieces go for 15 pages, and are more than willing to break up longer pieces into parts for rotation.

Also, we do accept works published in other locations providing that the rights revert to the authors.

Please send all submissions as attached Microsoft Word documents to the following email: