Christmas in Cokeworth: A Harry Potter Fan-Fiction Saga – Chapter 2: Sing of the Wildwood

“His eyes drifted to the ground. ‘I remember once…one doe ate oats right out of her hand, not afraid of her at all. They knew her and they trusted her. She lent them a touch of kindness in a cruel world…'”


Like Unto Kings: The Three Magi and the Sacrétemporal Worldview

“The Feast of the Epiphany commemorates the threefold manifestation of our Lord Jesus Christ in His earthly life, His baptism, the wedding feast of Canna, and the visit of the Magi…”

Memoir of a Soldier Boy: Christmas Reflections in the Aftermath of the First World War

“Suddenly even Christmas paled by comparison…From that day on, I wanted only to be a soldier.”

Tolkien Speaks: The Secret to a Happy Marriage

“Throughout his life, Tolkien wrote love poems to his wife, and in his letters to friends, he writes glowingly about her…”

Christmas in Cokeworth: A Harry Potter Fan-Fiction Saga – Chapter 1: Pretty Little Snowflake

“Why Snape had decided to launch ‘spring cleaning’ in his attic during Christmas break was beyond the 12-year-old, and what he hoped to achieve from it was even more obscure…”

Queen of Heaven

“Queen of heaven, show us the path we must follow…”

Sageth: A Star Trek Fan-Fiction Story

“Sarek sat in his office “catching up” on his work. At least that is what he had told his staff. Instead, he was sitting on his window ledge staring out of the window watching Miss Amanda Grayson try to create some type of humanoid snow sculpture…”