I Will Be A Hero

“His eyes focused and he was sure he could see a golden orb floating in front of him. It entranced him. There was no doubt in his mind that this vision was from God…” (Rated: PG)

O For a Star: Frodo’s Song in Shelob’s Lair

“O, for a star to give me sight, To save me from this mouth of night!”

My Country – Right or Wrong?: The Search for True Patriotism

In this essay, true patriotism is shown as a middle road between jingoism and defeatism, enabling nations to move forward with love and justice the good of the world.

How Many Kinds of Sweet Flowers Grow?: Springtime Floral Photos

Enjoy these beautiful springtime floral photos, taken by the Fellowship’s own Frodo Baggins!

Home: Song of the Water Faerie

“From water I was born to life; I rose through waves to joy and strife…”

It Begins with Light: A Londoner’s Conversion to Catholicism

Read this personal testimony of enlightenment and conversion from a Anglo-Scottish Londoner who found his way home to the Catholic Church.


“Morning dawned with a rumor–and with the morning light, the rumor stretched and spread…”

Bound by a Seal: A Movie Review of “I Confess”

Fr. Logan, a young Catholic priest, finds himself caught between two impossible choices: saving his own life and reputation, or breaking the sacred Seal of Confession.