Northernmost: The Tale of Santa’s Greatest Helper

Join Tyanna, a half-elf, half-human as she struggles to find her place among Santa’s other helpers in the North Pole and learns that being different is ultimately her greatest strength.

Our Love

“”And when the world would go mad, when our enemies came, I always pulled you close when you’d whisper my name…”

The Cave: Plato’s Fable and Christian Salvation

Hobbita examines Plato’s Myth of the Cave and, merging classical and Catholic philosophies, explains the parallels with Christian salvation.

I Will Be A Hero

“His eyes focused and he was sure he could see a golden orb floating in front of him. It entranced him. There was no doubt in his mind that this vision was from God…” (Rated: PG)

O For a Star: Frodo’s Song in Shelob’s Lair

“O, for a star to give me sight, To save me from this mouth of night!”

My Country – Right or Wrong?: The Search for True Patriotism

In this essay, true patriotism is shown as a middle road between jingoism and defeatism, enabling nations to move forward with love and justice the good of the world.

How Many Kinds of Sweet Flowers Grow?: Springtime Floral Photos

Enjoy these beautiful springtime floral photos, taken by the Fellowship’s own Frodo Baggins!

Home: Song of the Water Faerie

“From water I was born to life; I rose through waves to joy and strife…”

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