“The daughter of all noble kings, within my soul, a war cry sings…”


A Spark of Defiance: A Movie Review of “The Hunger Games”

In the dystopian society of Panem, 16-year-old Katniss Everdeen finds herself forced to participate in gladiatorial games against fellow teens, while at the same time struggling to preserve her life, sanity, and humanity.

If I Could Speak in Elvish

“Oh, the language of the Elves! How strange, yet fair it seems!”

Heart of Oak

“Heart of Oak, well-seasoned wood, I can feel your presence…”

Where are My Lembas?

“O where, O where have my lembas gone? O where, O where can they be?!”

An Extract from the Files of George Whitby, Investigator: A Clue Fan-Fiction Story

“Moseley furrows his brow, glancing over his shoulder with eyes both desperate and confused, and your stomach twines into a sick knot as you await his answer, which comes slowly. ‘It’s Lord Somerton, sir,’ he says. ‘Someone tried to murder him over an hour ago.’” (Rated: PG)

Aragorn’s Victory Song

“I see a fire behind your eyes that darkness cannot quell…Mornie Utulie, Horo!”

Out of the Information Highway to Middle-Earth I Am Come: A Review of The Lord of the Rings Online

       Aragorn crouches on the ground, studying the map laid out before him. I stand off to one side and try to look as if I actually belong here. Tersely he gives orders… Continue reading