Angels Among Us: A Survey of the Heavenly Host

“I can only speculate that those of us who have experienced the protection of our Guardian Angels are not yet needed in the afterlife, and that we are to continue with whatever we are called to do…”

Rite of the Hermit

“The Lady holds mystery in a silent waiting orb…”

Christmas in Cokeworth: A Harry Potter Fan-Fiction Saga – Chapter 3: Up on the Housetop

“’Now don’t mouth off with me, young man,’ she snorted. ‘My aerial is falling down, and they’re just starting to run a holiday special on The Many Loves of Melinda Maypole!'”

Rogue One: What We Lose When ‘Star Wars’ Goes to the Dark Side

“Rogue One isn’t just a different sort of story than the original Star Wars films, or even just a story in a different genre. It is a story set in a different moral universe…”

The Truthseeker Chronicles: Seed Prologue

“Attempt it, she told herself. No point putting it off. If Dag willed, then her gift would pierce the veil and she could fill in important parts of the tale…”

A Little Dancer: Edgar Degas and His Controversial Work of Art

“Her bony arms and legs are shaped by hard work and practice; her shoulders are straight and her stance is dignified. There is a look of what some would describe as haughtiness or defensiveness on her upturned face, and her eyes are closed…”

Arrow’s Search: Part 1

“I, Arrow, left the place I knew to go in search of my people…”

The Modern Knight

“I tell you truly, the world needs knights…”

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