A Quirkish Contradiction: An Exploration of the British Constitution

British citizen and political journalist O’Neill takes on a witty tour de force of the British Constitution…which technically does not exist!


Top of All Tables: A Fan’s Review of the Television Series “Jane and the Dragon”

When a dragon’s claws whisk young Prince Cuthbert of Kippernium away from the castle, an unlikely hero arrives at the dragon’s den to rescue the kingdom’s heir: feisty, precocious, and unforgettably red-haired twelve-year-old Jane Turnkey.

Star-Crossed on the Moors: A Movie Review of “Lorna Doone”

When two star-crossed lovers meet on the wind-swept moors of 17th century England, their feuding families and an impending rebellion threaten to tear them apart.

The Summoned Book

“This brief tale of adventure lights a flame that never dies…”

Spring Thoughts

“We gaze around in wonder and awe at the beauty of creation reborn…”

Victoria Crucis (The Victory of the Cross)

“You thought we were yours, didn’t you, Satan? But Christ came…”

God Rest Ye Merry: Traditional Christmas Carols from Merry Old England

Get into the Christmas spirit by reading up on these memorable old English carols and their fascinating backstories!

When Music Plays

“I fly among the stars as the music transcends gravity…”