For Those Who Know: A Thanksgiving Day Poem

“Well and ill, we all partake of Your heart’s fires; a billion hungers, yet Your peace fills all desires.”


Ram’s Horns: Isaac Narrates the Sacrifice on Moriah

The gripping story of Abraham’s test, told afresh through the eyes of young, observant Isaac.

Even: Aragorn’s Promise to Arwen at the Black Gate

“Should the star you gave me have no gleam of light remaining – still would my love reach you.”

Strong John of Waterloo

“He thinks of ale and cornbread, of Paradise and God — Is there a place in Heaven for those who till the sod?”

The Real McCoy: Patrick O’Brian’s Aubrey-Maturin Novels

Discover this riveting nautical fictional series, set in the Napoleaonic Wars, full of adventure, historical detail, and true friendship.

Bringing Sight to the Blind: A Movie Review of “Amazing Grace”

Discover the deeply moving story of William Wilberforce, a young politician who stood out in the 18th century British parliament and championed the abolition the British Slave Trade.

An Inspiration for My Life: The Story of St. Gianna Molla

Discover the heroically loving woman who preserved her baby’s life by refusing a hysterectomy to remove a uterine tumor – and paid for it with her own life.

The Anointing of David: A Villanelle

“The scent of oil is rising from my hair; The prophet’s words hurl flames upon my mind . . .”