The Ghost’s Conscience: The Persian in “The Phantom of the Opera”

If your knowledge of “The Phantom of the Opera” Is based solely on film versions or the Webber musical, you may not know of The Persian . . .

Estel: A Lord of the Rings Fan-Fiction Story

“Somewhere inside Aragorn’s heart, a memory ruptured to life. His breathing slowed until, in the silence, he could hear the hammering of his own pulse…” (Rated: PG)


“I inhale blue by midnight. I exhale grey at dawn. Over arid lands, I sweep my silent arm.”

Recusants of Middle-Earth

“Evenstar of an elfin maid; relics torn from Catholic breasts…”

Cantate Alleluia (Sing Alleluia)

“Christ is born today; sing Alleluia! Christus est natus hodie; cantate Alleluia!”

A Band for All Seasons: Switchfoot Review

Meet the five-man band from San Diego who tries to change the world one song at a time.

A Quirkish Contradiction: An Exploration of the British Constitution

British citizen and political journalist O’Neill takes on a witty tour de force of the British Constitution…which technically does not exist!

Top of All Tables: A Fan’s Review of the Television Series “Jane and the Dragon”

When a dragon’s claws whisk young Prince Cuthbert of Kippernium away from the castle, an unlikely hero arrives at the dragon’s den to rescue the kingdom’s heir: feisty, precocious, and unforgettably red-haired twelve-year-old Jane Turnkey.

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