Copyrights and Disclaimers


1. It is our sincere intent to honor the freedom of speech of all of our writers and commenters on The Fellowship of The King, with the understanding that they will respect our Catholic beliefs, morals, and the goals of our mission statement. In line with these guiding principles, we reserve the right to decide what material is acceptable for our magazine, and also to make minor edits and/or clarifications on the submissions if so required. In general, we do not accept any works which include content not compatible with Catholic teaching, unless the individual case involves a guest from another religion who is invited to courteously and charitably express similarities and differences between their spiritual tradition and ours in the interest of interreligious dialogue and the spirit of mutual respect and understanding. Another instance might involve the study of cultural contributions made by non-Catholic religions as a part of the beauty and diversity of the human experience, such as Jewish festival days, Islamic architecture, Pagan mythology, etc.

2. While we would never endorse explicitly inappropriate material, we realize that there are some books, films, musical groups etc. that may contain mixed content and messages which may not be appropriate for all of our readers. For example, some books and films are being mainly analyzed for historical, artistic, and entertainment value, but contain certain scenes and lines that we would consider improper and offensive according to our standards. Others contain degrees of violence that may be disturbing for sensitive viewers and should thus be approached with caution. Since there are so many variables in this genre, we try to use our best discretion in what reviews we publish. However, many individuals have different views on age-appropriateness. As such, while we will always endeavor to indicate our understanding of the intended audience and maturity level, we encourage parental discernment with younger audiences. We hope that all our readers will continue investigating beyond our writings before deciding to read, watch, or promote anything that we review in our publications.

3. The views expressed in the personal blogs/websites of the contributing authors are not necessarily those held by the The Fellowship of The King. We may include our authors’ respective links per our agreement to mutually advertise, but we leave it to the reader to utilize discretion with regards to the content on these sites, pages, and so forth. The same applies to all other material our authors go on to publish on other venues, which we cannot take upon ourselves to judge. With regards to our own published pieces, the opinions of the individual authors are not necessarily held by all who participate in the magazine.  

4. Our fanfiction works are based on and inspired by the stories and characters created by others (i.e. J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, George Lucas, Gene Roddenberry, etc.). We respect the copyright privileges of the original authors and their heirs, and lay claim to nothing but our own additions and reworkings. It is our intent to maintain the integrity of the source materials, although a degree of creative license may apply to our explorations of the original themes and characters. Because of this desire for literary continuity, our fanfiction works may contain both paraphrases and short direct quotes from the original sources which are intended to be connectives and homages to the original works.

5. Images used in our blog posts and PDF page-spreads, unless otherwise noted, are used for illustrative purposes only and have been reproduced from other sources for educational purposes under the terms of fair use. No other connection is implied between the images and the works they are posted with. Aside from the authors/creators themselves, no one may reproduce or republish any of the original writings, illustrations, or photographs on The Fellowship of The King sites or PDF editions without prior permission having been obtained from said authors/creators. Also, published submissions will remain a permanent part this magazine’s archives unless extraordinary circumstances require their removal according to the editor’s discretion.