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The Battle of Turs

Meet young Jeanne di Arch, a female warrior for King Yeshua, daring to follow his call and her dreams to save her country with the power-hungry Eglesh and his hoard of troll warriors arrayed against her!

As Lady Liberty

Join Marilyn as she finds herself drafted to dress up as Lady Liberty for the Pro-Life float at her home town’s County Fair Parade!

The Origins of Mother’s Day

“This day,” Minerva proclaimed, “will be called ‘The Day We Appreciate Our Most Estimable Mothers and Thank Them Graciously for Not Allowing Us to be Eaten by Wolves’.”

The Rich Young Man

A retelling of the well-known New Testament account of the young man who had many possessions . . . who, in this story, is also the future St. Luke the physician!

Hope: The Battle of Helm’s Deep Through the Eyes of Haleth, Son of Háma

“’This is a good sword, Haleth, son of Háma,’ he said. Laying the blade back in my hands, he bent down to look me in the eyes and placed a firm hand on my shoulder. ‘There is always hope.’” (Rated: PG)

The Golden Destiny

Cleolaus embarks on an epic quest to save the life of a king’s dying daughter, in order to win her hand . . .

How We Begin: The Story of Felix and Adauctus, Martyrs

Discover the heroic martyrdom of St. Felix and his nameless companion in this gripping short story.

The Adventure: A Tale of Two Small Hobbits

“I always wanted to know what the pictures and letters on my necklace mean, you know, the necklace that he gave me after he told that exciting story about the three trolls….” (Rated: G)

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