Category Archive: Poetry

Winter Moonlight

“His eyes aglow, now he too marvels at the winter moonlight…”

The Willows Are Calling

“The willows are calling the ice-river mellows…”

Artists of the Soul

“Dress your precious life in the colors of your soul…”

First Winter Sitting

“Last night, as we slept,
the first flakes fell…”

The Nine Muses

“Erato is the Muse of romantic poems and love, searching for the light that flows only from above…”

Night Desert Sky

“Sitting under a night desert sky, stars twinkling, wind whispering quiet sighs…”

The Song of White Swan Flying

“From beyond the clouds, Grandfather sky calls out my name, ‘Take heart, my son, our time has passed, but it will come again…'”

Beloved, You are My Everything

“O my Beloved…my Beloved…You are my Everything…”

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