Category Archive: Poetry

Heart of Oak

“Heart of Oak, well-seasoned wood, I can feel your presence…”

Where are My Lembas?

“O where, O where have my lembas gone? O where, O where can they be?!”

Aragorn’s Victory Song

“I see a fire behind your eyes that darkness cannot quell…Mornie Utulie, Horo!”

My Heart

“My heart, it flies, winging its way from land to skies…”

Our Love

“”And when the world would go mad, when our enemies came, I always pulled you close when you’d whisper my name…”

O For a Star: Frodo’s Song in Shelob’s Lair

“O, for a star to give me sight, To save me from this mouth of night!”

Home: Song of the Water Faerie

“From water I was born to life; I rose through waves to joy and strife…”


“Morning dawned with a rumor–and with the morning light, the rumor stretched and spread…”

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