Category Archive: Poetry

Holy Communion

“One who descends daily,
and, who, humbly in
the hands of His priests,
invites our entry into holy
communion once again…”

The Brave Little Fairy

“She looked down at her simple dress…and at that moment felt herself the smallest bit forlorn…”

Unheard Voices

“They deserve more than just being a choice, for they are loved, we are their voice…”

Flame of Truth

“Glorious flame of Truth, make of each heart a candle…”

Rite of the Hermit

“The Lady holds mystery in a silent waiting orb…”

The Modern Knight

“I tell you truly, the world needs knights…”

Queen of Heaven

“Queen of heaven, show us the path we must follow…”

The Ballad of Nikolaus

“‘I was called to these woods by your pure heart,’ his patron St. Nicholas said…”

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