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Vale of Tears: A Song of the Elves

“A glitter, glimmer, moth of white. . .”


The Adventure: A Tale of Two Small Hobbits

“I always wanted to know what the pictures and letters on my necklace mean, you know, the necklace that he gave me after he told that exciting story about the three trolls….” (Rated: G)

The Crossroads

“For us, all hope of life is past – I know this sun will be our last. But then I see upon Sam’s face a soft, warm glow, a ray of grace . . .”

Even: Aragorn’s Promise to Arwen at the Black Gate

“Should the star you gave me have no gleam of light remaining – still would my love reach you.”

Estel: A Lord of the Rings Fan-Fiction Story

“Somewhere inside Aragorn’s heart, a memory ruptured to life. His breathing slowed until, in the silence, he could hear the hammering of his own pulse…” (Rated: PG)

Recusants of Middle-Earth

“Evenstar of an elfin maid; relics torn from Catholic breasts…”


“The daughter of all noble kings, within my soul, a war cry sings…”

If I Could Speak in Elvish

“Oh, the language of the Elves! How strange, yet fair it seems!”