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Those Pretty Little Christmas Songs: A Caroler’s Overview

“As our Christmas caroling quartet strolls around the upscale shopping center in our Charles Dickens era attire…the shopping center employees seem genuinely thrilled to hear us singing ‘Deck the Halls’.”

Jesus: Not Just a “Good Guy”

“Jesus had an enormous impact on human history, whether you’re a believer or not. He was not simply ‘just a good guy’…”

And Thy Word Broke Their Swords: The Empowering Depth and Dimension of Christmas

“It is freshness of light piercing dark for the first time, of song piercing the silence, and the sky being rent by angel trumpets and an infant’s wail…”

Telescoping Hope: The Role of Stories

“A story is a telescope, bringing the distance within arm’s reach…”

On Mermaids and Witches: Fairy Tales and the Gospel

“The Little Mermaid though she fails in her temporal goal…finds eternal happiness by persevering in good­ness, and the world is blessed by her salvation…”

God and Science: An Overview

“The universe had a beginning. Therefore, the universe has an end. Before the universe there was nothing. If there was nothing, the universe had to exist as an idea. An idea implies a mind…”

To Be a Pilgrim: Thanksgiving as a Pilgrimage

“We have to step away from our securities and go somewhere else to reevaluate our priorities and discover what kind of life we want to lead…”

Boromir: The Misunderstood Hero?

“It is clear that Boromir embodied the Fallen Man; that is Man who is affected by the aftermaths of the first sin of the first people Adam and Eve in Paradise.”

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