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A Thorn

“A thorn, I asked—one from His crown…”

Simple Homespun: A Movie Review of “The Robe”

In this classic Biblical blockbuster, a Roman officer finds himself “bewitched” by the robe of Christ after winning it in a dice game at the foot of the cross.

The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved: Part 4

As the events of the Passion unfold, St. John recounts his experience beneath the cross.

The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved: Part 3

John, the beloved disciple, observes as Jesus is tried and condemned to death before Pontius Pilate.

Christos Voskrese!

“Breakfast will be merry, an echo-feat of last night’s eggs…and Mother will pack Babushka’s basket because only a mother can do that right…”

The Victorious Godhead: Good Friday, the Annunciation, and the Inklings

Read this fascinating overview by Beregond on how Good Friday coincided with this year’s Feast of the Annunciation, a fact that also ties into some profound parallels in the writings of the Inklings.

So Let It Be Written: A Movie Review of “The Ten Commandments”

For the 60th anniversary of its release being celebrated this year, read this movie review of Cecil B. DeMille’s epic sword-and-sandle extravaganza, “The Ten Commandments”.

Stephen Fry’s “Mean-Minded” God: Christianity, Suffering, and the Story of Easter

In response to Stephen Fry’s remarks about a “capricious, mean-minded” God, LibDemBen outlines a Christian response in light of the story of Easter and a rather humorous online interaction with Peter Hitchens!

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