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North of Hopeless, South of Freezing: Chapter 2 — Mistakes

Hiccup groaned as he plopped on a bed, “Ugh, who knew Vikings and Scots are so similar.” Toothless only gave a snort before curling up on the floor to go to sleep. He… Continue reading

The Elf and the Orc: Part 2

Morfang glanced up and about. He still held the Elven girl down on the woodland floor. He might have to take her hostage to buy his freedom.      Deciding that no one was… Continue reading

I Wander the Stars: Part 4

       David held the doors open for me—like a gentleman, I noticed, pleased. Not many men had ever done that for me. It made me feel a bit special, even though I… Continue reading

North of Hopeless, South of Freezing: Chapter 1 – The Brown Haired Ambassador

         “Ugh, Mom!”      “Don’t ugh me, Merida, you have to look nice for the ambassador. It isn’t every day we get a visitor from one of the further countries. Besides, you… Continue reading

The Elf and the Orc: Part 1

While escaping Orc Hunters, Morfang son of Gorbag finds himself in Mirkwood forest and meets the sister of Legolas Thranduilion, Lindariel. Will Lindariel’s compassion reach Morfang, or will Morfang abuse Lindariel’s kindness to avenge his fallen comrades?

I Wander the Stars: Part 3

Our out-of-this-world heroine Minnie starts to explore her new surroundings on board the space ship that rescued her after who own craft exploded.

I Wander the Stars: Part 2

The epic “star-studded” saga continues, as Minnie is rescued from the abyss by another space-ship, and meets David, an understanding young man to whom to reveals the tragedies of her past life.

The Violet Phantom and the Yellow Conquistador: Part 3

In this final installment of the Jane-Austen Saga, our hero finds himself hailed as “The Yellow Conquistador”, but is subsequently betrayed to the French by a gypsy with whom he shares a long-lost connection!

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