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Christmas in Cokeworth: A Harry Potter Fan-Fiction Saga – Chapter 2: Sing of the Wildwood

“His eyes drifted to the ground. ‘I remember once…one doe ate oats right out of her hand, not afraid of her at all. They knew her and they trusted her. She lent them a touch of kindness in a cruel world…'”

Christmas in Cokeworth: A Harry Potter Fan-Fiction Saga – Chapter 1: Pretty Little Snowflake

“Why Snape had decided to launch ‘spring cleaning’ in his attic during Christmas break was beyond the 12-year-old, and what he hoped to achieve from it was even more obscure…”

Testament: Part 4

“In his mind’s eye he saw the fragile little human his brother had married. How he had always disliked her and her halfbreed offspring…”

The Prophecy of the One Ring: Chapter 1 – Lucy Looks into a Wardrobe

“Getting up, the girl pulled open the door, dislodging some moth balls that fell to the floor, and looked inside at several long fur coats…”

The Elf and the Orc: Part 14

“Thranduil shrugged. ‘The tale of the Cursed and the Beloved, who’d have thought it’d be a prophecy?’ With that, he stood and left…”

The Soul of the Stars: Chapter 5 – A Most Unusual Human

“’From what my sensor informs me, your tryverns …are capable of exhaling molten flame if they feel threatened.’”

Testament: Part 3

“As if for the first time, Sparn noticed the dying plants—T’Prinka’s beloved flowers—and was saddened…”

The Black Knight and the Night of the Ancestors: Part 2

“Assuring his knife harness was in place, he ran down the stairs to find the Ladies of Avalon had arrived…”

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