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Sword and Sandal: A Bible Movie Montage

Explore these epic Biblical-era films and be inspired in your Lenten spiritual journey!


Every Life is Wonderful: A Review of the Classic Christmas Season Film “It’s A Wonderful Life”

Relive the best moments from one of America’s most beloved films, “It’s A Wonderful Life.”

Love Is Not An Accident

“Love is not an accident of chemicals that crossed in space…”

Two Kings

“I look through all my tears and see…the gift this Child desires is me!”

A Mother’s Love

“I can’t but tremble at my fear, caress Your cheek and hold you near . . .”

The Legend of Holly Claus: A Book Review

Discover the artful, whimsical Christmas tale of Holly Claus.

Holiday Season in the Holy Land: Thoughts, Ideas, and Tips on Travel

There is perhaps no better way to appreciate the spirit of the holiday season than to travel to the sites we remember during it: explore the Holy Land in a new light!

Flight of the Angels

“They rise up in tornadic flight unleashing scarlet firelight . . .”