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An Ordinary Christmas: Reflections on the Gospel of Luke’s Nativity Narrative

“One of the things that strikes me most about Luke’s account of the birth of Christ, and events surrounding it, are the ordinary aspects of the story…”

Winter Solstice: The Year’s Compline

“The winter solstice is the year withdrawing…”

Evergreen: The Origins of the Modern Christmas Tree

“It is difficult to imagine Christmas without a Christmas tree. It is one of the most vivid and recognisable symbols of this festive time of year…”

Letters from Bidbid

“This Christmas, Ma, are you going to make my favorite gingerbread men? And what do you plan on wearing for midnight Mass? I hope you got something new!”

Snow Globes

“Turn their world upside-down, shake it up, and place the globe back down so the snow may begin anew, the glitter falling slowly through the watery sky…”

Born in Your Heart: Mary’s ‘Yes’ and Why It’s Relevant Today

“Maybe this Christmas it is time to turn our eyes away from the Bethlehem of 2000 years ago and the manger there and realize that Christ wants and needs to be born in us today…Can we stand with Mary this Christmas and say ‘yes’?”

First Yule: A Lord of the Rings Fan-Fiction Story

“Across the Sea, Elanor, Frodo-lad and the other Gamgee children smiled. They raised their mugs of nog to their parents and their Uncle Frodo and wished them a Happy Yule.”

Those Pretty Little Christmas Songs: A Caroler’s Overview

“As our Christmas caroling quartet strolls around the upscale shopping center in our Charles Dickens era attire…the shopping center employees seem genuinely thrilled to hear us singing ‘Deck the Halls’.”

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