About Our Fellowship


     Welcome to the The Fellowship of The King! To use the Elvish greeting: Êl síla erin lû e-govaned vîn (A star shines on the hour of our meeting)!

    Our literary adventure started out in 2012, as a group of Catholic homeschool students dedicated to faith, storytelling, and the union of both. In 2014, having graduated from school but not from our love of the written word, we decided to share our past and present works with the public through our website and christened the project The Fellowship of The King, in reference to our inspiration taken from the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien and the common faith we share with him.

     Since then, our Fellowship has grown and expanded, with a host of dedicated writers and artists from a variety of backgrounds and beliefs who have generously given of their time and talents to make this endeavor a success. By utilizing modern media to broaden our horizons, we have shown ourselves, to be eager to find common ground, and inspire ecumenical understanding through our mutual love for the arts and the search for truth and beauty.

     Our focus is to produce  edifying, educational, and entertaining material, including fiction stories, non-fiction essays, literary/media reviews, poetry, etc., as well as photographs, sketches, and graphics design. It is going strong and growing in leaps and bounds, with a vibrant array of subjects and styles, attracting readers and contributors from around the world.      

     As a magazine founded by Catholic artists, we take special encouragement from the artist-pope, St. John Paul II, who wrote in his Letter to Artists: “None can sense more deeply than you artists, ingenious creators of beauty that you are, something of the pathos with which God at the dawn of creation looked upon the work of his hands. In producing a work, artists express themselves to the point where their work becomes a unique disclosure of their own being, of what they are and of how they are what they are…May the beauty which you pass on to generations still to come be such that it will stir them to wonder!”

     As Editor of this Fellowship, I would appreciate your prayers and support, as well as any constructive ideas for the betterment of our magazine. Through our literary expressions, as Members of the Body of Christ, it is our hope to carry the torch of those great literary lights who have gone before us and reveal “a splintered fragment of the true light, the eternal truth that is with God” (J.R.R. Tolkien).

All Good Wishes and Blessings,

Rosaria Marie, Editor of TFOTK