Flame of Truth


Glorious flame of Truth,

Make of each heart a candle

And send us out into the world

To spread Your light.


Oh, may Your goodness shine

Into every shadowed corner

And finding stricken lives

Dispel the night.


Save every one from darkness

And the earthly sins that harm us,

Soothe our hurts and set our

Wounded souls aright.


Illume the paths we wander

At the side of our dear Savior,

Ever near to guide and keep

Us in His sight.


For it is by grace alone

That we will reach our final home,

The wondrous land of peace

Where all is bright.


When that blessed hour arrives,

May angels welcome us in chorus

As we climb the golden stairs

To Mercy’s height.


There we’ll be safe forever

In the arms of God our Father,

Naught but love and truth and joy

A shared delight.


By M. C. Pehrson