Arrow’s Search: Part 1


   I, Arrow, left the place I knew to go in search of my people. At the land where I had been living, I was the only one of my kind. I had been told by the humans there (that it was they called themselves), that I was of the Elven species.

     While on my journey, I came upon the most magical of lands filled with glowing trees that had faces, and a sparkling, enchanted brook. I do believe I even saw a Mermaid in those waters!

     I was becoming quite tired when I suddenly heard a rustling in the forest. Out of the woods came a fluffy creature of the most brilliant blue! As it approached me, I froze. I was not quite sure what to do. For an instant I felt the urge to run, but I resisted. Then this blue creature began to sniff at me. It made funny noises and even licked my arm, making me giggle. I began to feel at ease as it rubbed its cute cheek against my arm.

     Then it said, “I am Krii.”

     I knew from that moment on, we would be dear friends.

     Since I am without a voice, I gently took Krii’s hand and spelled  A-r-r-o-w on that blue little palm. She then clasped her hand in mine, and I was no longer alone in the forest.


     As we walked together, she told me of herself. Her speech was quite broken, compared to what was spoken in the other land. She said she was a Blue Northern Imp. She enjoyed playing tricks on all types of children. I saw she had fangs and wondered if she also ate children.

     Perhaps she saw the weariness in my eyes, for she led me to a most beautiful bower with the softest pillows I had ever felt. As I begin to lay my head down, it seemed as if the pillows were pulling me deeper and making it impossible to keep my eyes open. While drifting off to sleep, I heard what I would call a giggle from my new friend. A bit unnerving was the sound.

     When I awakened from the restful slumber, I could barely remember how I had gotten there. Then I heard Krii’s voice. She was speaking to someone/thing. Its voice was very deep and gruff. Not sure what I would see upon opening my eyes, I lay quietly and just listened for a moment…

To be continued…

By Kristine Litteer