The Modern Knight


“What need is there for a knight today,

Who fights and conquers all evil in his way?

The world has changed, there is no need

For a fairytale heroic deed.

“The fable is gone, the legend wrong,

St. George is simply an ol’ ding-dong.”

Listen to this, all of you, do,

Does it not provoke disgust in you?

I tell you truly, the world needs knights,

Those who are just and mighty in fights.

The quest of the knight has not changed in the least:

he must now slay the modern-day beast.

But a knight is not simply a soldier tall;

He must love the one true God over all.

When he carries the precious Cross above,

Victory will be with him, and all men love.

This man is what all true men should be,

Protecting the fairytale and guarding the nursery.

For this is where formation begins;

A formation on God is a means to good ends.

Let us go on this quest and fight, not fall!

Come with me, my brother modern knights all,

Together, with God, all evil we’ll fight!

Satan will fall under His just might.

By Beregond