Who Am I?


If you look up into the sky,

You may see me floating by.

I slowly flutter to the ground,

With my friends flitting all around.

Sometimes I will touch your nose,

Kiss your cheek, or tap your toes.

Who am I?


I am working all year long,

But always sing a jolly song;

Never are my labors done,

But my joy is never gone.

Who am I?


Higher and higher up I go,

Through the night, through the snow,

Zooming swiftly through the air.

Where am I going? Everywhere.

I bring with me a great load

Full of joy and love untold.

Guided by a bright red glow,

I now head for the town below.

Who am I?


I have come from my home in the sky

To the earth. I’ve heard the cry

Of sheep who dwell in a barren land;

I will shepherd them with my hand.

Who am I?


I stand tall in the winter snow,

But though I’m sturdy, I’m laid low

By the hand of men who hunted me down

To take me with them to their town

And set me up where there is cheer

And loved ones gather, near and dear.

Who am I?


This load that I carry with me

Is more precious than I dare imagine.

I might even say that it scares me,

If I didn’t have this feeling of great love,

Like I did something truly awesome

Just because I said one word.

Who am I?


(Answers: a snowflake, an elf, Santa Claus, Jesus, a Christmas tree, Mary)

By Frodo Baggins