Advent/Christmas Call for Submissions…


With the holidays fast approaching, The Fellowship of The King Magazine is putting out a call for submissions for Advent and Christmas themed pieces. This includes historical essays about the holidays/liturgical seasons, reflections on their religious/spiritual significance, festive themes poems, short stories, longer stories, prayers, etc.

Also, we would welcome pieces discussing other cultural winter festivals such as Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Yalda Night, Yule, etc. Again, we welcome essays, poetry, and fiction. For any of these holidays, we also welcome personal experiences/family traditions, photography collages, and recipes/craft ideas.

Of course, anything broadly winter themed would be welcome as well, and for the rest of 2016, we are still eager to receive Star Trek themed material to coincide with the 50th anniversary.

Fun Challenge: As a magazine that often deals in fan-fiction, I put out the challenge to write fan-fiction stories with your favorite fandom characters set during Christmas!

To get in touch with your queries/submissions, here is my editorial email:

Also, if anyone would like to get on our new magazine email updates list, please let me know!


Avellina Balestri, aka Rosaria Marie, TFOTK Editor-in-Chief