Night Desert Sky


Sitting under a night desert sky
Stars twinkling,
Wind whispering
Quiet sighs
My heart fills
Memories of you
My dear lover,
You who so cherished me
Enough to let me cherish you.

We, the breeze in the mesquite,
A flashing star streaking,
Hallelujahs softly
A crescendo of shared warmth,
Love beyond the words
Between them, really.

We are the greatest love
Story ever told and
A quiet bliss enfold me,
Your lips are on the breeze,
Your heartbeat there, here
The pulse of the cosmos,
I am filled, so very grateful,
Grateful, blessed and
I love you still!

Kathleen, I miss your touch
Yet touched by the breeze,
I am complete,
At one in your embrace,
That breeze
Your lips,
Your heartbeat
On my breast, in sync
And I know, realize
Our gift, one
To another
An eternal celebration

Thank you my love!

By Dan Kelly