The Sun Danced and Took a Bow for the Queen of the Universe: Rekindling Devotion to Our Lady of Fatima


          For those who haven’t yet heard of the day the Sun took a bow for the Miraculous Mother of Portugal, I will now share her story of beauty, bountiful blessings, and motherly affection. She appeared on one sunny day in the month of May, standing within a white cloud atop of a Holm tree to three shepherd children, Lucia, Jacinta, and Francisco.  It was in the mountain’s rocky meadows of a place called Fatima, where the hills were speckled with sheep. Their families were among the peasant population that dwelt there. 

    This unsuspecting, simple-hearted trio heard a clap of thunder while reciting their Rosary, and suddenly beheld an apparition that left them dumfounded at first, but soon caused them to become transfixed on the beauty and serenity of the lady’s celestial countenance.  She had spoken to them in an angelic voice with tones soft and sweet, telling them she was from Heaven and asking them if they would pray the Rosary and make sacrifices to counteract the sins of mankind, and return to that same place on the 13th of the following months until October. 

     She revealed three secrets to them and instructed them not to tell anyone until a certain designated time. Then she promised that she would perform a miracle for all to see at her last appearance. The children were discredited, mocked, and even thrown in jail by the civil atheistic authorities for disturbing the peace as throngs of pilgrims flocked to the isolated area. They came seeking Divine intervention, but in the process they overwhelmed the village’s limited resources of food and shelter, causing concern for the stability of the law and order. 

    Even though there happened to be historically heavy storms on the days leading up to her prophesied return on October 13, there was still a steady human tide of healing hopefuls, curiosity seekers, and doubting scoffers entering the confined cova. It eventually reached to approximately seventy thousand people from the surrounding villages, towns, and cities that drudged through the foot deep mud resulting from the heavy rains and gathered there to witness either a miraculous event or a possible hoax of immense proportions and consequence. 

     She was true to her word as the massive crowd witnessed a sight beyond comprehension, contradicting all known laws of nature as she presented “The Miracle of the Sun”. The sun began to appear like a silver disc in the dark, threatening clouded skies, and began spinning toward the earth with an array of colorful flairs on its outer rims, frightening the multitude to the core of their beings. Most of the faithful pilgrims dropped to their knees in a plea for God’s mercy, fearing an Apocalyptic ending of the world. 

     Those who were previously skeptical, vocally cynical, or even atheistic in their beliefs of the authenticity of the apparitions were instantly struck speechless, weak-kneed, and barely able to stand as they came to terms with their rejections and perceptions of reality! The proud were left confounded as they knocked rapidly on the door of the house of instantaneous repentance and conversion, staring in astonishment and numbed in the disbelief at what they were seeing, pointing to the heavens in a frozen state of immobility like stone statues with a stunned expressions! 

     After approaching the earth with a velocity which seemed impossible to be slowed or stopped from annihilating all in its path, it suddenly reversed its course and spun back to its designated position in the solar system, leaving a single awe-filled sigh of humanity echoing across the countryside. Within those few harrowing moments of life and death flashing within the hearts and minds of all present, the thick mud and soaking wet ground was instantaneously and completely dried as were the people’s clothes.

     Following this supernatural event, the Virgin appeared once more dressed in the garb of Our Lady of Mount Carmel with St. Joseph at her side and the Infant Jesus in his arms, blessing the world. There were numerous physical healings of those assembled there for prayer, and also the spiritual transformation of those who had come without devout intentions. 

     On a personal note, I attended Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Grammar School for nine of my formative years, and have had a special devotion to that apparition since boyhood. In my later high school and college stages of life, my faith was compromised by deceptive perceptions, and since many such straying sheep feel compelled to become “idols unto ourselves”, the teachings of the faith and the memory of the miracle became a bit foggy.

    One day, while in religious reflection, I wondered if the true story of Fatima was actually considered as a historical subject, and was surprised to find it preserved within the walls of the Library of Congress. I also was reminded of the fact that the United States of America was consecrated to Our Blessed Mother, naming her as its patroness. Interestingly, both the White House and the Supreme Court had their cornerstones laid on October 13.

    I then re-read the eye-witness testimonies and accounts of those present on that awe-inspiring day of October 13, 1917, and regained my interest in the devotion to the apparition when the sun danced and took a bow for the Queen of the Universe.

      After I returned to the fullness of my faith and was married, my wife and I were blest with the privilege to work at the World Apostolate of Fatima which continues to spread her message of prayer, penance, and conversion.  

     Our Lady of Fatima, pray for the children of America!

By  The Traveling Troubadour