Supreme Queen: The Coronation of the Blessed Virgin Mary


     There were countless noble heads of state that walked upon this earth throughout the centuries and bore golden jeweled crowns to claim their sovereignty over a region, country, or even an immense empire. Yet there is only one who bears the title “The Supreme Queen of Queens”, of which none can be higher!

     She is the mother of the “King of Kings” and sits upon the throne adjacent to His, dwelling in an air of eternal blissfulness, basking in the heavenly glow of her Divine Son. There is no challenge to her crown of supremacy, as His angelic legions guard well the gates of His Palace in Paradise and His beloved one. 

     Though once considered just a simple young maiden among many, she was elevated to the heights of Heaven for her profound humility and fiat of acceptance of God’s Divine Will.  She who was chosen to bare the “Light of the World” was a perfect vessel of purity, in body, mind, and spirit filled.  

     The boy child was always assured of a heart full of love, knowing that he had her who shone brightly from within with true selfless sincerity. Upon her knee they would praise the wonders of His Father’s creation, while watching the flight of the birds, butterflies, and bees, or through a story or melody.

     You can visualize them sitting under the shade of a cedar, fig, or olive tree, shielded from the penetrating rays of an afternoon sun, sorting and counting the fruits that were good.  There they waited patiently for St. Joseph, the devoted husband and foster father, to finish his day working with the wood.

     He was transforming it into animal yokes, furniture, and tools, all for his neighbors to use, becoming the model of a humble servant of manual labor and head of his home. He was the most just of all the chosen man that had ever ruled, selected above all the earthly kings and Caesars of Rome.

    To this woman of such simplicity, God gave His personal protection and presented the Keys to the Kingdom, and a golden throne, and seraphic choirs singing in accord. Can there be any question that she now sits as the Mother of Majesty in the Majestic Manor House of The Lord?

     Who else, of all those who have gone before, could have borne the weight of the priceless gemmed coronation crown that was specifically crafted by the Creator’s loving hand? Only she, who in response to Gabriel’s salutation, said “Behold the handmaid of the Lord! Be it done unto me, though I know not man!”

     This was a blessed gift bestowed on her when she united her free will in accordance with Thy Word that resounds through time immortal as the pinnacle of perfection. It was a most worthily deserved and befitting tribute reserved for she who had shared the miracle of the life of His Son so wholeheartedly, with maternal love and affection!

“Hail Holy Queen Enthroned Above, O Maria

Hail Queen of Mercy and of Love, O Maria

“Salve, Salve, Salve Regina!”


By The Traveling Troubadour