Morning Star


Who is this snowy-plumed dove?

This heart so enflamed with love?

Can she be the Mother of our Lord?

This heart pierced by a sword?

She is fairer than any flower

Sh! Our lord calls to her!


Yes, My Mother this is

And if home is where the heart is

Then her heart is My home

So come, dearest one, come

Come to Me, sit by My side

Let your tears be dried


Let your sorrows be turned to joy

For I am still your little Boy

And now you will rule by My side as Queen

For you are lovely and serene

No one could ask for a better Mother

I could not have been born to any other


Hear our prayers, oh dearest Queen

Light our way like the moon, sweet and serene

By your soft, twinkling light

You help us get through the night

Until we are ready to see your Son

In His vast and glorious kingdom

By Aurora Mandeville