The Feast of the Seeker

artist 2

Hands carefully and tenderly holding a book

Pages thick and full between fingers in

Anticipation of what new kernels

Of wisdom may be consumed

Chewed upon and digested with

Hopes of nourishing a hungry Soul.

Seeds strewn between the crevices of mind

And illumined waterfalls of gentle rain.

A thirsty stream of electrically charged

Idea and sparks of quickening pulsing through

Halted breath just before the sigh and lengthy

Exhale of “yes, I understand!”

The beginning of a new awakening

A swish of pages stirring the excited

Breath of musty history penned by the

Sliding silk caress of ink and paper

Caressing oatmeal colored parchment.

And once again I sit at the table of knowledge

The first stirrings of an insatiable appetite

Invited to the Feast of the Seeker.

By Robin Fennelly