Eternal Bond: To My Twin Flame


     How I cherish the memory of that day, the day we made a promise to each other there in what was our favorite sanctuary – out in the open space and surrounded by the astounding beauty of our mother earth. It was endorsed by the clearest of skies, by water that rippled with latent power, and by a stretch of beach that continued as far as our mortal eyes could see. Our vows, it seemed, were magnificently displayed in the elements that surrounded us, as if we had painted them ourselves, and perhaps because of this we knew that we needn’t say a word out loud.

     The clarity of the sky that day symbolized so perfectly the clarity of our shared experience. It seemed that sharp blue continued forever upwards, with nothing blocking our view from that spot on the beach to infinity; and isn’t that what we have always strived for together? To always keep the space between us clear of debris so that our love can always flow uninterrupted?  In this way, I believe the sky was a mirror that day as we stood below it and marked the point in this life from which our united future began.

     The power that seemed barely contained in the small, crashing waves of the ocean that day was of course, my love, representative of our combined power.  Just like you and I, the power of two combined elements rippled, ready at any time to explode, but remained for the time subdued. Together, we carry all of the might of a hurricane – your flow and my force – but at our center we can be as still as silence herself. The water, then, was there to remind us of both our beauty and our danger. It seems that we listened well, my sun, to what she was telling us. Let us never forget that our power demands prudence.

    And of course there was that expanse of sand beneath our bare feet, symbolizing our eternal bond. Just as it stretched out in both directions for what may very well have been an eternity, so also does our past and our future stretch far beyond this one lifetime.  Our energies, always caught in this dance, echo outwards from this point in time to many other points in time, all centered on the same promise.

    Perhaps it’s no surprise that, reflecting on that day, I find that we ourselves represented the final missing element. The heat of our passion, I know we both agree, can never burn out, for we are of the same flame, you and I. We are fueled by the same inspiration, we dance to the same rhythm, we burn with the same fervor.  We flicker across time and space, always seeking one another, until we again collide to burn brighter and hotter each time than any other before. And so here we are, together at last, to dance wildly as together we chase away the shadows and bring a little more warmth to the coldness.

By Cristen Rodgers ©2015

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