Less Than Human


Screams sound from their lungs

But few hear them.

They reach out for rescue

They plead for mercy

But few reach back

It is easier to do nothing

When those crying for help are faceless


Less than human


Now some do see these people as persons

And attempt to aid their plight

But they will be shunned

And shackled every step of the way



A society with willful blindness

Continues to walk by and ignore the strife

The afflicted are not worth their help

So inconvenient

As anything but a campaign slogan


The backwards morality

Seems unending

Until one day

The people of society look beside themselves

And see the faces they passed by

Looking back


Then they will feel the suffering

That the unwanted felt

They will reach out for help

To the new people of society

Who will pass them by

Because they see them

As less than human

Jonathan Francesco