Landscapes of Truth


Desert – show me to myself,
strip me naked of shame and pretence
so that the bones of my soul
ring a melody unconfined and joyfully free.
let your emptyness inform me,
until the wild curves and rugged edges of your immensity
carve into my awareness all that I am and all that I’m not,
so that I meet myself honest as sand, stone and sky
beckoned home into essential elemental Self
uncompromizing and radiating truth.

Forest – take me in your arms
as I come to you crying for my wildness,
willing to lay bewilderment
and empty cultured compliance at your feet,
reaching for the enchantress who knows
how to live alive as all things
incandescently tuned and vibrantly awake,
purring the soft song of fern, bark and leaf,
remembering my oracle place,
undeniable and radiating truth.

River – love me into flood
as I tend the crumpled edges of my longings
for I am done –
done with holding back, with self betrayal, with lack
done with dancing a tune that isn’t mine
and feeling the cramped edges of banks to which I do not belong –
for I too was born to be full, free and wild,
responsive, immediate, light filled and pleasurefull,
luxuriating in the expression of limitless love of life,
irrepressible and radiating truth.

Mountains – thrust me to the sky
fearless and joyfully alive –
finally breathing the depth, breath and scale of myself
wearing wholeness with rapture – unabashed,
shaken from the core of intensity
ravaged by the life that believes in me,
carved out of grief and rage, flood and fire
I stand amidst the weather I create
essentially unique and boldly beautiful,
indomitable and radiating truth.

Grasslands – welcome me home
into your embrace of generous plenty,
where I can add my soil
to the evolving ground of life
and the knowledge that my gifts are given
and received by so many more than I can touch or know –
gratefully infused with life’s mystery,
gratefully informed by the beingness of primal lands,
birthed ever closer to my authentic self
overjoyed and radiating truth.

By Clare Dakin

(Visit Clare Dakin’s environmental foundation Tree Sisters)

(Artwork by Elisabetha Trevisan)