The Ultimate Life-Giver

cosmos 1
The deeper I fall into silence
and feel the vast magnitude of the Source
of All Silence from which creation flows,
the spark of life, breath of my breath
the soul of my soul, the heart of my heart,
that breathes all form and vision into being
love inspires and creates a chain of life,
multiple universes, countless lives,
and life itself, through a creator that is infinite,
immanent, intimately entwining us in love.
Before the beginning of time,
before we emerged into being,
God existed
in the deep Silence, a pulsing truth
unseen and unknown in any way that
words or images could declare the force
and power of such deep intensity
hidden in a divine darkness
so sublime and so magnificent
as to be beyond perception.
All life as we now know it was somehow
compressed in this concealed origin of all Life
the Source of All Beginning.
Light itself was hidden in this greatest
Heart of All hearts, this Womb of All wombs.
As this Great Life expanded, Light pushed
through the darkness giving birth to the miracle
of existence that could be perceived and known.
Life came into being spreading Light across
the face of uncreated space for the first time.
The secrets of Life will forever belong
to God alone
although endless stories of how we came
into being have continued to be told
since the beginning of time.
Yet, all we know is that we awakened
into existence innocently wrapped
in color and light as we were breathed
into being by this blinding brilliance
that gave us life out of the beauty of Life itself.
All life from the greatest to the tiniest form
is intimately and ultimately related to this
Giver of life, who in infinite generosity
scattered the seed to create the first garden
to express and allow us to share
in the nature of life and beauty,
to grow into an awareness of the divine love
out of which we come, through a Love
that flows endlessly through the Breath
moving us into beings born from Light itself.
By Naomi F. Stone
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