Home Reclaimed: A Selkie’s Return


The little child walked through

the woods and found a tiny pool

And wondered what there could be found

beneath its waters cool.

She was a very special child and soon enough could


That it was not a simple pool as first appeared to be.

Beneath the

surface, there were worlds of magic that awaited.

Her heart was touched with

wonder, and she knew that she was fated

To slip within and learn the

secrets waiting ‘neath the water.

And so she did, and there she met the

Magic that had sought her.

For she was touched with magic, and Magic knows its


And claimed the child that was long lost; as “Selkie” she was known.


land, her people looked about the same as human others,

But she had heard the

tale of old related by her mother

About the seals, their ancestors who came

up on the shore

And lost their sea homes for so long that they had known


They’d traveled far from any shore and into woods set roots.


yet this one child never fit; she ever sought her truth!

Her heart was ever

yearning to know her Selkie past,

And slipping ‘neath that Magic Pool, she

found her home at last!

Now free she is to live her life the way that it

was meant.

As Selkie-kind, she was inclined, so she is well content!

By Donna Ferguson Dudley