fatima 7

Listen dear children, do not fear

I want you to come back to me here

In each month on the thirteenth day

There is so much that I have to say

Words of wisdom not just for you

But words meant for the whole world too

But there is something I want you to know

I’m doing this because I love you so

I want you all in heaven with me

Where the grandeur of God you will see


Oh yes, lovely Lady, we shall come

To this grotto not far from home


Come my dears, you must learn

Of our God for whom we all yearn

He is displeased with the world at this time

So many souls have gone out of line

There is so much anger and fear and sin

He’s planning to punish the wicked again

As devastating as the mighty flood

A grim time full of tears and blood


Oh dear Lady, what must we do?

How can we help, though we are few?


Pray, pray, as much as you can

Prayer by every child, woman and man

Will certainly help appease God’s anger

And hold back the tempest a little longer

Add every now and then some sacrifice

And it should be enough to suffice

For the sins that have angered God so

As well as stopping the sins you do


Oh dearest Lady, we shall try our best

To pray and sacrifice without rest


Good, good, do your best

For the devil certainly will not rest

He has already dragged so many to Hell

And so many more fall under his spell

In fact it has already begun

Hidden under the guise of fun

And the changes in style and dress

Will only help drag down the rest

God is upset by it going this far,

Everyone content with the way things are


Oh sweet Lady, what is this vision?

This horrible, fiery sight of perdition?


That was Hell, where poor sinners go

The devil has them wrapped in woe

And many more still alive yet

He thinks of them as in his debt

Slaves obeying his every wish

Before he hooks them all like fish

But you can stop this, if you try

Saving sinners trapped in lies

Showing God you truly care

With your sacrifice and prayers

For His creation, your fellow man

And to love God all that you can


Oh kind Lady, can you give us a sign?

Something to prove it’s been you all the time?


In October a sign I shall show

To all my children here below

And prove I am Mary, Queen of Heaven

So you know the messages I have given

Must be remembered and obeyed

If the Hand of God is to be stayed

And my heart will prevail o’er the Gates of Hell

So sinful hearts will be made well

Hear my words, and always heed them

Let God’s Word grow like a stem

Keep Him always close within

And one day soon, you will see Him

Pray for the souls in Purgatory

That they too may see my Son’s glory

And now, my children, I must go

But remember, I love you so

Along with the Father and the Son

And the Holy Ghost, Three in One

Farewell, until we meet again

At Heaven’s Gates, beyond all pain.

By Aurora Mandeville