Eve of May

eve of may 4

Now that summer’s coming nearer,

My blood does quicken in its pace

And never has life, to me, seemed dearer.

Ne’er have I felt my heart race


The way it does for hawthorn blooms

A tender breeze beneath warm sun.

Such joy abundant, there could scarce be room

For my soaring soul. And when day’s done,


I’ll turn to sit by quiet fire’s side.

There, a tale I’ll tell to those who would hear

Of knightly valor- a dragon’s pride,

And bards who sing for the inn’s best beer.


O! On that Eve of May we’ll meet beneath

The Maying Pole be-ribboned, flowered, tall

And gallant. Oaths to thee, foresworn, I breathe-

A whisper spoken softly from lips’ fall.

To you, hands bound in sacred union blessed,

Beneath that starry vault that soars above,

Un-ending. Close unto you warmly pressed

You fill me to brimming with your love.


And as the dark and stars ascend their height,

 I drift in peace to dreaming’s flight…

Til radiant morning comes and bids us wake

And in tangled parting, sweet does break.

By Brenna Adaira