United by breaking waves

And surging blood

And the same paths paved

In the same sod


United by tattered cloth

And winds that whip

And the same high cost

And the same ship


United by hot blue steel

And cold gray clouds

And the same strange seal

And the same vow


United by summer storms

And gusts that tear

And the fight that looms

With a harsh glare


United by broken bones

And Covenants kept

And the same deep groans

And tears wept


United by shameful wrongs

And a righteous fire

And the same lilting song

And the same lyre


United by ancient crown

And a rebel streak

And the same battles won

By the same sweat


United – why break cords?

Why sever the ties?

Why strike with the sword

And, silent, die?


Unity – running fast

Like the sand on the shore

If it slips through your grasp

It is no more

By Avellina Balestri