Moses: The Saga of a Little Russian Blue in Grey

Part I: The Lament

 As the leaves began to fall

You left without a trace.

As the summer’s last horn called

We lost your noble grace.


Following your brother’s trail

South to lands of mystery,

You left my heart to pain’s new vale,

And forced the pen of misery.


Yet, I feel your form against my arm,

Your dove-white teeth upon my leg.

You could not read the word of harm,

Nor hold, like others, sway.


Rolling upon the woodland floor,

You loved, and lived, and treed.

A thousand vermin called you Harm,

A thousand cursed your speed.


The winter’s crust shall come and go,

Yearning your paws of feldgrau grey.

Though new life form, and new life grow,

Your memory with me shall stay.


A thousand cats may frolic nigh,

By chair, or pool, or moted ray,

But know that no cat your place will try,

My little Russian Blue in grey.


 Part II: The Return 

As the dusk began to fall

A yowl was heard in space.

As our evening prayers, we stalled,

I found your loving grace.


Banishing your brother’s foe

Towards the woods of Mayberry,

You swept my heart to joy’s new sail,

And wiped the tears of misery.


Now I see your ears against my arm,

Feel your dove-white teeth caress my leg.

Ne’er shall you touch the tip of harm,

Nor leave me to consume the dregs.


Rolling upon the hardwood floor,

You purr, and rub, and knead.

A thousand vermin run to farms,

A thousand beg your leave.


The winter’s crust has come and gone,

Relishing your paws of feldgrau grey.

Old life has come, new pain has gone,

And your simpl’city with me shall stay.


Of all the cats that frolicked nigh,

By chair, or pool, or moted ray,

No other cat your place has spied,

My little Russian Blue in grey.

By Anna Raj